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Enjoy 20% off all our headphones

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Toa Payoh Shopping Mall

Toa Payoh Shopping Mall is a combination of both Toa Payoh hub and Toa Payoh Mall shop houses.

Shop houses are around since late 18th century during the colonial

era. It is normally two or three stories high. The ground floor will be a

shop space for them to display their items for sales. The residence of

the owners would be living above the shop. After the era, shop houses

became old and abandoned. As you walk along Toa Payoh HDB hub, there are

plenty of shop houses selling daily necessities ranging from household

items and fashion wear.

Beauty and slimming centres and family clinics are all in the district.Toa Payoh Shopping Mall is the first ever online directory for neighbourhood shop houses. This directory aims to help shop houses in Toa Payoh Hub and Toa Payoh Mall

gain awareness from the general public and residents living in Toa Payoh. We will be regularly updating on the latest promotions for the shops, do check this website before heading down to the shops. It will definitely save you the trouble of walking around the estate to look for what you want.

Shops houses are also commonly found at void decks of certain HDB blocks in Toa Payoh. As a resident of Toa Payoh, you must know some facts about your own residential area. Do you know that Toa Payoh is one of the most appealing public living residences in Singapore? It is one of the nearest residence to the city. Furthermore, Singapore’s prominent newspaper organization, Singapore Press Holdings is also located among the numerous industries in the district.

This Shopping Mall will help you to discover something new about your

own residential area! Do you know there are 20 Industrial Estates, 1 Market & Food Centers, 13 Supermarkets, 8 Primary Schools, 4 Secondary Schools, 4 Kindergartens, 1 Polyclinic? As a resident, you need to be aware of these! Toa Payoh shop houses  is situated at the center of Toa Payoh. It is near Toa Payoh Bus Interchange and Toa Payoh Mass Rapid Transit Station (NS 19). It will be very convenient for the residents to drop by and have a look.

Additionally, it will also allow the general public to know more about Toa Payoh. With just a walking distance away from the shops houses, you can find Toa Payoh Town Park. This park is equipped with facilities such as open concept washroom, a big marquee as a place for activities or outings. Together with its antique view garden shelters, user can now relax themselves after one full day of work. Its vibrantly colored paths will also help create a stress free amble or run around the park.

Each of our primary attributes of the park is the viewing tower structure and the

designed pond encircled by trees. On top of its mesmerizing sceneries, residents can also head down to the nearest available cafes to enjoy their meal! You can bring your family down on a Sunday morning to enjoy the delicious and scrumptious meal that the chef has prepared. Toa Payoh Town Park is located at junction of Toa Payoh Lor 2 and Toa Payoh Lor 6. Toa Payoh is an urban center that was once an enormous and well known homesteader region. It has been changing quite a fair bit particularly at the contemporary industrial buildings at Toa Payoh Central. However, some landmarks still remain like Toa Payoh Methodist Church, Toa Payoh Library and Betheda Bookstore which hasn’t change its interior design

over the years.


In the past, Toa Payoh was actually a prominent town in Singapore. The word “Payoh” was developed from the Malayan word “paya” which stands for swampland. Toa Payoh is also similar to the Chinese meaning of Paya Lebar, which meant “huge swamp land”. Toa Payoh was a large-scale and infamous homesteader region.

Back in the late 1960s, Toa Payoh was well

known to be “the Chicago of Singapore” for its remarkable crime rate. Life back then, was simple and easy but lack of safety, security and

hygienic. Fights will normally break out because of the jostle in the queues for water, which was a daily chore for the people. Many homesteaders were involved in cultivation and fostering work.

Others were like hawkers stall owner, factory employees, technicians or domestic helpers. 

The homesteader began relocating out in 1962 as an outcome of increasing payment prices and another other useful inducements granted by the Government. Clearance process was inclined to

start off and the renovation started in early 1964.



Our ultimate goal is to promote awareness in every Singaporean about the culture of shop houses. Among the young generations, this is a great opportunity for them about the history of Singapore.

Anytime, anywhere, shoppers can have access to the website 24/7. Through this, we sincerely hope that shoppers will make it another shopping choice apart from shopping malls and online blog shops. Here in this shopping mall, you will definitely find yourselves overwhelmed with bargains and offers that you can never find elsewhere!