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Shoe Stores Singapore

Shoe Stores Singapore will be there for our customers! You, your needs, your questions and your claims are our main focus. We are pleased when you buy from us and your shoes fits and overall, you had an enjoyable shopping experience. But for us, inspiration, quality and a service that delivers is what we promise.

Shoe Stores Singapore-Choosing The Right Pair Of Shoes

Shoe Stores Singapore offers their customers the satisfaction of their needs, tastes and preferences, through unique shopping experience and excellent service, product selection and low prices. Shoe Stores Singapore provides a variety of shoes ranging from high heels, flats, sandals, slippers, sports shoes and leather shoes.  From young children, men to ladies can all wear the shoes in its various models and brands. Combine them with dresses, pants, skirts, shorts and bermudas.  Set your own trends today with Shoe Stores Singapore today!

Shoe Stores Singapore has a latest collection of trendy shoes that varies from different brands and price range too. High quality shoes are also available in different sizes and styles.

Shoe Stores Singapore offers a range of footwear for individuals catering to different needs.

In Singapore, slippers are very common generally because it is very hot in Singapore and it seems more comfortable to be wearing slippers. Sneakers are very cute, comfortable and trendy too as it gives people the impression of being carefree and casual. Sneakers enjoyed great success in the ’50s when they were used by a famous movie actress Audrey Hepburn.

For ladies, flats match any outfit from causal to even a dress. It is a classic shoe that can be pointy, round or square, certain designs leave the front part uncovered to show your nails, giving the visual elegance. Shoe Stores Singapore offers shoes up till size 40 for ladies, so do not fear that your feet might not be able to fit in our pretty shoes!

For men, leather shoes are popular among office staffs as it gives off a smart and formal impression to their boss and fellow colleagues. It is definitely a must have pair of shoes for working ladies and men. After work, they tend to go to the gym to train their body and release stress and they need to find a pair of sports shoes. They can find the pair of sports shoes that cater to their need of running or working out in the gym here in Shoes Store Singapore. 

Shoe Stores Singapore– Foot Care Tips

1. Posture

A correct posture balances your body while walking. Proper posture minimizes the amount of muscles required to maintain a standing position. It will equalize the pressure across the entire foot so that your joints, bones have minimum tension while walking.

2. Doing regular foot exercise

– Line up the outside edge of each foot with a straight edge.

– Move your toes individually, start by raising your big toe without moving the other toes. Subsequently, raise the second, third, fourth and fifth toes, one at a time.

– Lift up your right foot with your left hand and vice versa. Slot your fingers in between your toes and hold it to get a more intensive stretch.

– Grab a soft ball (or hard ball for a more intensive stretching) and stand still on it. Let your heels be on the ground while pressing the front part of your foot onto the ball.Slowly move the ball to different parts of the sole and apply pressure. Hold at each location for around twenty to thirty seconds.

– Stand up with your feet pointed straight ahead. Try to spread your toes away from each other- side to side and not up or down.

– Sit on a rolled towel or cushion and keep your knees straight. Press your heels to a wall and reach your hand to the wall. Take deep breaths to do it, do not bounce to reach the wall.

 Shoe Stores Singapore– Quick Care Tips For Your Shoes:

  1. Wipe the dust or dirt with a clean, dry cloth or soft brush.
  2. In the case of clay or mud, remove the excess as it is wet. Use a damp cloth or brush. Then use a soft and dry cloth and let dry naturally in a cool place!
  3. Never, never put your shoes soaked in water, especially if it is leather, then you will lose!
  4. Patent leather shoes should be cleaned with a cloth dampened in water.
  5. Do not store them stacked, the ideal is to arrange them side by side, packed in bags or inside their boxes, avoiding the dust.
  6. Try to keep them in a cool, dry cloth to prevent them from getting moldy.
  7. To save some used shoes, you should fill them with a sleeve of paper and silk to keep the shape.
  8. Be careful to keep patent leather shoes, because if lie against one another can damage the material.

Shoe Stores Singapore– Tips For Shoes Storage

In Shoe Stores Singapore, you are sure to find your ideal pairs of shoes! If you’re looking for an affordable and beautiful pair of shoes, head down to Toa Payoh Shopping Mall now! With ongoing promotions here, hurry down and shop with us! We ensure that you will find more than the shoes as we sell a range of items from fashion wear, bags to household necessities.

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Now, you need do not have to specially head down to places like Orchard Road, Far East, Wisma Atria .Bugis Junction, Raffles Link, NgeeAnnCity, Habour Front, Takashimaya or Tanglin Mall to purchase your shoes. Here in Shoe Stores Singapore, we offer stylish shoes at affordable prices too!

Shoe Stores Singapore is a one stop online fashion site for men, women and kids. We offer comfortable shoes and beautiful accessories to match with your daily outfits. What are you waiting for? Visit our store and shop with us today!

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