Latest Eyewear Trend


Latest eyewear trend gives a beautiful spread of distribute eye wear and along with some sort of particular interesting brand of eyewear typical fashion accessories like lightweight mirrors, eyeglass chains and holders spectacle boxes.

Latest Eyewear Trend-Secrets In Choosing The Perfect Glasses

If you wants to get  latest eyewear trend glasses, it will be best to  search for a  new unique set of glasses, there is a few basics tips you need to take into consideration before getting the eye wear.

The mass of the frame without glasses shouldn’t bother you on the nose. Additonally,the bridge of the nose should fit the shape of the nose without leaving marks .The hook should rest  behind  the ears, if its  bent, it should follow the shape of the ear, and passing behind them.

Latest Eyewear Trend- Interested in knowing what type of Glasses suits you the BEST?

Before choosing the colour, it is important to choose the mount. If you find the suitable one, no matter how you look, you will look perfect.

1)       Square face will suit a frame with round or oval shape due to the curves that will soften their features.

2)      Round face should opt for straight lines, square or angled for “structuring” your face.

3)      Oval face, a  thick rectangular frame will make the face wider and shorter thus the oval face is the more proportionate and adapted to all mounts. Most importantly,make sure you avoid fine horses as they can lengthen your face.

4)      Triangular face nest choose an oval frame with rounded top edges and is ideal to make a pointed chin.

The design and quality are essential. It’s especially true when  people are asked to put on the  glasses on their face.. No matter how much you tell them about how it works and how much he agrees with that, the first thing they do when they put it on their face is ask where’s the mirror.

Latest Eyewear Trend- The Primary Factor

The primary factor decide on the greatest colour of your spectacles depends on the colour of your skin, eyes and hair. Warm colours usually  blend well with fair complexions, like light metal frames. If your hair is colored , warm colors will suit you best. If you have dark hair or brown hair, you can easily have eyeglass frames of any shade, hot or cold. Mainly flattering colours are warm colours, dark greens and blues. A spectacle frame with patterned or rhinestones blend very well on dark hair.

Latest Eyewear Trend-Important Tips To Know!

There are a few important benefits to wear the latest eyewear trend sunglasses whenever you go out in the sunlight.


Sunglasses with 100% UV protection tinted to reduce glare reflected sunlight. This reduces squinting (and causes wrinkles), and may prevent migraines and headaches caused by certain bright light. But the real benefit comes when you are driving: a road glare can temporarily blind drivers. UV polarized sunglasses allow you to avoid this potential hazard. And do not choose sunglasses: pale amber or other light colours work equally well to avoid glare, while 100% UV are polarized.

Eye Protection

Wind and air conditioning can dry the eyes, causing discomfort, redness, itching and pain. In cars, air conditioning often feels better when blowing near your face. Sunglasses helps even when there is no sun as to reduce the effects of air blowing straight in the eye.

UV Ray

Long-term exposure to excessive UV rays can cause cataracts. Symptoms include blurred vision, sensitivity to light, double vision, need for brighter light for reading, and color fading. Using sunglasses regularly can prevent or delay the development of cataracts, so it’s never too early to start.

Latest Eyewear Trend -Colour Sunglasses

A very dark lens colour does not automatically guarantee that filters UV radiation correctly. Failure to do so, there is a particularly dangerous situation because the dilated pupil not receiving much visible light UV receive even more. In summary, the use of sunglasses that filter out UV rays properly can be more dangerous than not wearing sunglasses.

The colour of the lens can vary with fashion, but still there are a number of colours recommended for general use and others for specific uses.

For general use we recommend the green, gray or brown. They minimize colour distortion which would be dangerous in certain activities such as driving a car.

Grey lenses are considered neutral as they do not alter the contrast with the colours thus recommended for driving.

Green or brown lenses can cause minimal colour distortion and increase contrast thus highly recommended for outdoor sports.

The red lens, good for conditions of low light medium or because they increase the contrast.

Orange and yellow lenses are best increasing contrast in the perception of depth in cloudy days. Therefore are used by golfers and hunters.

Blue or violet lenses, which have no real benefits. Its use is purely aesthetic.

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