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Hair Services Singapore is our strength which always have proactive and trending hairstyle fashion – Cutting – Wave – Color – Streaks.

Our hair salons want to let customer feel satisfied with their hairstyles. According to these principles, Hair Services Singapore consists of dynamic and competent professionals, passionate about their work and contact with customers. Whatever hairstyles, be assured to place your trust on the professionals. The price range for the hair salons are as of average, numerous promotion businesses in Hair Services Singapore do not have common costs. Almost every local business can have their different prices, so the price can be various depending on which salon you go to.


Hair Services Singapore – Average price for hair styling

Hair cut: $20-$30 (Men), $30-$45 (Women) Perming: $55-$95, Colour: $38 and above, depending on your hair length. Child hair cut: $15-$20 There are a lot of Hair Services Singapore like, QB House which has the price below average at $10 for a haircut! Kelly Hair Salon which has opened 8-9 outlets in Singapore today! Snip Avenue which not only provide haircut, additionally with nail, foot reflexology and beauty. Definitely there are many more Hair Services Singapore and promotions awaiting you to discover them in Toa Payoh Shopping Mall now! So come on and check out our website at,!

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City Fashion Beauty & Hair Salon


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Hair etc.


Plus Hair Salon


Kelly Hair Salon


A.J Hair Studio


Cabello Casa


Salon De Louvre


Zipz Salon

Toa Payoh Hub :


Hair Addicts


QB House






Hair Services Singapore – Hair tips to help you take care of your hair:

1. Oily Hair

Try to eliminate daily wash. The sweat gland is generated, causing more oil onto the hair. This is what results in a terrible cycle in which the more you wash your hair it becomes more oiler. The other hassle along with regular cleaning is that even though the root of the hair are oily, the rest of your hair is stripped-down of oil and resulting hair turning dry and crisp. Use slight PH-balance shampoo products and wash your hair without having scrubbing the scalp too much. Only utilize conditioner from the mid to the end rather than at the roots of your hair. Observe your diet. Oily and fatty foods can lead to oily skin and scalp. Ideally it is to use those days when you’re at home to give your hair a rest from daily washing. Try using a children’s shampoo as it is less oily.

2. Dry Hair

Dry hair demands nurturing from within; a conditioner that just wash out won’t do the job. Use an intense humidify shampoo that will wash without having excessive scrubbing (which will harm the hair more) and follow with a hot oil conditioner. High temperature opens up the frizzy hair shield allowing the moisturiser to pierce the hair shaft by providing it suppleness. Use hair mousse on dry hair will make it look lifeless, use a thickening treatment instead.

3. Split Ends

As soon as you realize you have split ends, you will need to trim it off in order to safeguard it whereas maintaining it smooth and moisturise. Apply a leave-in conditioner. Whenever you blow dry you will be harm. So continuously use a nozzle on your hair blower concentrating on the hair base. If there is split ends on your hair, put on serum to the split ends, as it will help obscure them and to protect the hair every time you apply direct high heat such as from curling pair of tongs or heated up rollers. However, the greatest way to deal with split ends is to trim them off.

4. Hair Growth

Having problems from hair growth? There is no other method to speed up the development of your hair, but you can maintain it healthily. Constantly visit your hairstylist every 6 to 8 weeks will most likely keep thin ends in check. In addition, observe your daily diet, you need to ensure you get enough multivitamins and mineral, most importantly B12 and Iron.


5. Appropriate Washing

Appropriate washing maintains hair shiny and healthier. Most hair shampoo organizations will highly recommend that an individual wash the hair twice a day. This is not certainly required. Except if your hair has a lot of grime or sand in it, an individual simply require to wash with hair shampoo once. Moist the hair completely just before shampooing so that the hair shampoo will distribute much more evenly on the hair. Moisting the hair just before shampooing also will save on the quantity of shampoo required.


6. Styling & Curling 

Hair treatment style items can harm the hair with the high temperature. The modern curling and straightening iron are ceramic lined and less harmful to the hair.  Make use of a hair styling lotion or leave in conditioner to overcoat the ends of the hair and safeguard them from high temperature damage. Any products and solutions that overcoat the hair, such as hair spray, will certainly safeguard the hair from high temperature damage.


7. Diet Tips for Healthy Hair

Just as similar to the rest of your physique, your hair needs appropriate eating routine in order to be at its healthiest state. Appropriate eating habits will benefit your physique, complexion, mind and hair. Hair is a proteins and particularly demands for protein rich food. High proteins food consist of fish, chicken, lean meats, egg and soy food. Fatty acids are also essential for hair wellness. Excellent extracts of fatty acids consist of nuts, specially walnuts and almonds. Fish oil tends to be superb options of fatty acids. Vitamins B are essential to the wellness and goodness of the hair. Vitamins B tend to be found in whole grain food items, fresh fruits and veggies.