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Beauty Service Singapore allow you to enjoy yourself and also you definitely will generally be welcomed as a authentic princess. Take ideal care and attention of anything related to your own body and your body will likely end up getting better, your mind also. For a moment of period a day or perhaps over a great number of sessions, a way to the spa will definitely change your mind and your mood. You will find relaxation and well-being for your enjoyment. Are you feeling stress? It is a very good time to relax and think of yourself.  So enjoy going to Beauty Service Singapore for Facials, Pedicure/Manicure and massage or Spa therapy that can to make you even happier.

Want to know what Beauty Services Singapore provide?

Skin Care: They offered services like Waxing, Eyelash Extension, Eyebrows embroidery and Shaping. Last but not least is facial. For doing facial, an esthetician will advise you how take proper care of your own skin type, your body, your needs and your desires. If you want to embellish your skin, beauty shops offer many treatments to heal and beautify your skin. Get pampered by a professional and choose one of the Beauty Service Singapore here!

For our Beauty Service Singapore, solutions are specifically customized to match Individual skin type and additionally designed in this way which, it definitely will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed as well as radiant than ever.



Some of us live in the image centrically life, it is definitely a lot more significant than ever to look extremely good, robust and physically fit.  However, on a regular basis it is also a race fighting against time. Oftentimes, some of us let our body down in the fight.

The most effective diets and swift body weight loss are actually not always the most convenient or compensated for your body. Consider the caloric needs you have. It is best to follow personalized diets and slimming treatments that we provide at Beauty Service Singapore.


The spa treatments are the set of techniques used to cure or alleviate a disease or, proactively, to prevent the emergence and resurgence of diseases and conditions. The spas have specialized medical equipment that are responsible for assessing the health of therapist, weigh the degree of incidence of ailments in general condition and prescribe appropriate treatments. Each center offers one or more new therapeutic indications, depending on the physicochemical composition of its medicinal waters.


Beauty Products:

The products they sell are categories into Skin care, bath and body care, hair care, fragrance, beauty care, accessories.

Manicure and Pedicure/ foot and hand massage:

Beauty Service Singapore will provide excellent and newest in nail care.  Different shops provide different types of services. Some Beauty Service Singapore mainly have pedicure, pedicure, extension tips, acrylic nail, nail art painting /waxing and silk wrap. And right after a fatigued day, you may possibly also wish to try out the best foot and hand massage therapy.

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Beauty Service Singapore- Tips for having a beautiful skin

The beauty starts with beautiful skin, clean, fresh and bright and, to achieve this, all you need is to spend a little time each day to nutrition and skin care.

If you experience any problems like acne, oily or roughness, there are creams that help correct but, before applying any makeup or cream, it is important to know what exactly your skin type, as there are different trends when combined with Unsuitable products, as results become counterproductive.

Daily exposure to pollution, dirt and weather conditions such as cold, causes the skin is losing its fine texture and hydration but may keep the nature of their skin. The types according to the texture are: Normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive.

1) Sleep well

Reduce your dark circles, eye bag and puffy eyes.

2) Eat well

3) Cleanse your face in the morning and during the night

Putting make-up or not we start by washing the face with the method of their choice (mild soap with warm water, cleansing milk, cleanser and cotton …) and then have cotton soaked with water. Gently wipe it to the skin and purifies at the same time.

4) Put mask every week

It cleanses, purifies and moisturizes the pea, it makes it more elasticity and it leaves a good smell. Apply well on the entire face and rinse after about twenty minutes.

5) Have a clean hands before you touch your face

The pimples are often caused by unwashed hands placed on the face. So you wash your hands as often as possible, even to have wet wipes for face in your bag.

6) Have a steam bath at least twice a week

Nothing better than clogged pores to create all kinds of imperfections to your face. To avoid this and clean twice a week after you have cleansed, fill a bowl with boiling water and keep a towel over the head like inhalation, stay ten minutes. Then you remove makeup again.

Now let me move on to the tips for make up:

1) Concealer

This is the key element of complexion. It is applied under the eyes by tapping gently and with patience!

2) Foundation

We always choose a lighter skin tone that, we keep in mind that it is not good to have a darker foundation to cover your face.

3) Apply your foundation

Choose the one that best suits your skin type and your skin (transparent or covering, satin or matte, natural or sophisticated). It should blend with your skin tone and not a trace of demarcation.

4) Powder free

It allows you to shine and hold longer the foundation. We also chose the pale light and applied with a wide brush. It captures light and finishes printing perfection.  For a velvety finish and matte, nothing can replace the powder. The use of powder meets two needs: to fix the foundation and prevent shine. It is applied all over the face without forgetting eyelids. It applies to puff or with a large brush.



Here are the list of Beauty Service Singapore Shops that provide these services:

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K Plus


ACU Slim


Jlux Beauty


Summer Face & Body Care


Jiale Beauty Spa


Princess Concept


i-Beauty & Slimming Centre


Happy Angel


Care Lyna








HLH Beauty & Wellness




Manli Beauty


Beaute Spring


Pink Beauty


Expert Beaute




Free & Easy Beauty




At Beauty Wellness




Gem Nail






Life Style La Beaute


Apple Skin Care


Venus Beauty




Celestial Nails


Body Perfect


Clear SK

Toa Payoh Hub


In Beauty


LUPON Beauty & Slimming Centre


Sophia Brow House




Ko Hong


IBrow Expert


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